Review: Loving someone… Just not the media

By Loren Hillier

Welcome, my friends, to the epitome of social observation in song form.

Loving Someone by The 1975 is a track from their most recent, lengthy-titled album I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it (hereon referred to as ILIWYSFYASBYSUOI— okay maybe just ILIWYS).

The boys from Manchester are known for their tendency to speak— or rather sing their mind, often resulting in songs that either make little (have a listen to this one, and check out the lyrics) or a lot of sense, like the one we’re about to discuss.

‘Loving Someone’ opens up a conversation about the conditioning nature of the media and society on us youngens. There’s a ‘boppy’ (for lack of a better word) tone to the music, and combined with something between singing and rapping (sapping?), it gives the song a beat-poem feel. It packs so much into four minutes and twenty seconds, that the first verse should give us enough to review for this one. Lead singer Matthew Healy opens with the lyrics:

“My heart is telling me the telly isn’t telling me anything I need / But it needs to keep you selling me / Besides celebrities lacking in integrity / And holding up the status quo / Instead of showing the kids that they matter.”

Seriously though, how many times have you felt influenced to change something about yourself after watching or reading something? After seeing a celebrity market something they probably have never, and will never use? We’re such a valuable piece of the market when it comes to technology, fashion and makeup that brands will go to crazy lengths to get us on their side. Our material side gets blown up, and who we really are gets forgotten.

lsLoving Someone / The 1975

If the band weren’t already nailing the expression of their frustration with society, Matty continues with:

“Who’re you gonna batter next? / Just keeps hold of their necks and keep selling them sex / It’s better if we keep them perplexed / It’s better if we make them want the opposite sex.”

I mean, it’s pretty self-explanatory. When the ‘norm’ of sexualising young (and older) bodies brings in so much cash each year as we go on the hunt for products to make us skinnier, our lips fuller and faces better looking, why would the media not keep trying to impose it? It’s not like it’s completely derogatory or something! And then there’s the fact that even though the world is becoming more and more welcoming and accepting of the LGBTQ+ community, they are hardly represented correctly, if at all in contemporary media.

Before I summarise, I just have to pay my respects to this awesomely self-deprecating line:

“I’m the Greek economy of cashing intellectual checks.”

Wow. Just, wow.

So thank you, Matty Healy and the rest of the boys from The 1975, for using your platform to speak out about some pretty serious issues that us millennials face every day. As we become more suspicious and aware of the objective of the media, it figures out more discreet, slimier ways to get into our heads. Therefore, I feel like there’s only one option…


Keep talkin, teens!
(You got it, you too.)


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